DHS Ticket FAQs

How do I get to the Devon Horse Show?

For directions to the Devon Horse Show click here.

What are the hours for the horse show and fair?

  • Gates will open at approximately 8:00 a.m. and close at approximately 10:00 p.m., daily.
  • The Country Fair area will open at 10:00 a.m. for the Midway and Shopping.
  • The first Sunday, the gates will open at 11:00 a.m. and the Horse Show classes will start at noon.
  • The final Sunday, the classes will begin at 8 a.m. and conclude at approximately 3:00 p.m. The Fair and Midway will be open.

What is the location of the Advanced Sale Ticket Office? When is it open?

  • The Advanced Sale are located in the New Ticket Office, located at the corner of Dorset and Berkley Roads.  It opens approximately 6 weeks before the show beginning (first walk-in date is Monday, April 3, 2017).   The hours are Monday through Friday from 10 AM – 5 PM.
  • The Advanced Sale Ticket Office accepts phone orders beginning April 3, 2017.  Phone orders are not taken during the show. (610)688-2554.
  • Internet ticketing is available (additional fees apply).  For details see the tab “What is your ticketing structure below”.

What is your ticketing structure?

  • General Admission: provides entrance to the horse show & fair grounds for an entire day and open bench seating around the rings on a first-come basis**. These tickets are not date sensitive and are available for all days including the popular Thursday Grand Prix. Adults: $15; Children 3-18 and Seniors 65 & over: $5. Children 2 & under are free. Does not include covered grandstand seating.

    **General Admission bench seating along the west side of the Dixon Oval for the Thursday Evening Grand Prix: On Grand Prix Thursday at 8 AM, special wristbands will be available on a first-come basis at the Front Gate Ticket Office on Dorset Road to those holding General Admission tickets and passes. As a courtesy to other patrons, saving seats by the use of blankets, bags, coolers, etc., will not be permitted. Security will clear all benches of unattended materials prior to the beginning of the 7 PM performance. Limit: Four wristbands per person.
  • General Admission Pass: provides discounted General Admission for each day of the show. Cost: $75
  • Reserved Grandstand Seating: provides entrance to the horse show & fair AND includes your choice of seating in one of our four covered grandstands. One ticket is sold for the day session, and another ticket is sold for the evening. Come early, stay late! You may enter the show grounds any time on your ticket date with a Reserved Grandstand ticket, but you may only sit in your seat during the time stated on the ticket. Prices vary according to the performance. Prices vary depending on the event attended -$15 to $75.
  • FEI – Five Night World Ranking Competition Grand Prix Package: Choose your own Reserved Grandstand seating for these five evening events: the FEI $50,000 Devon Welcome Stake on Tuesday night, May 30th, the FEI $40,000 Devon International Speed Stake on Wednesday night, May 31st, the FEI $225,000 Sapphire Grand Prix on Thursday night, June 1st, the FEI $35,000 Devon Speed Challenge on Friday night, June 2nd, and the FEI $50,000 Idle Dice Open Jumper Stake on Saturday night, June 3rd. Price: $265/package.
  • FEI – Three Night World Ranking Competition Grand Prix Package: Choose your own Reserved Grandstand seating for these three evening events, the FEI $50,000 Devon Welcome Stake on Tuesday night, May 30th, the FEI $40,000 Devon International Speed Stake on Wednesday night, May 31st, and the FEI $225,000 Sapphire Grand Prix on Thursday night, June 1st. Price: $155/package.
  • All Performance Seating Package (like a Season Ticket Package): provides discounted daily entrance to the show & fair and first choice of the most sought-after reserved seating in one of our four covered grandstands. Saves 25% off the price of individual tickets! Cost: $275 per seat.

What are the 'best' places to sit in the grandstands?

Seating preferences are highly subjective; what may be the favorite for one person may not be best for another.

The Main Grandstand – on the west side of the Dixon Oval – has the traditional wooden design. It offers two rows of bench seating (with backs) above the boxes.

The East 1 Grandstand is located on the northeast side of the ring close to the Committee Stand. It provides 10 rows of individual molded plastic seats with backs.

The East 2 & 3 Grandstands are centered on the east side of the Dixon Oval. These grandstands provide 13-14 rows of metal bleachers with no seat backs.

The East 2 Grandstand has access ramps and offers 32 seats with backs in row 1. Wheelchair and companion seating is also available.

May I order tickets by phone or over the Internet?

The Advanced Sale Ticket Office accepts phone orders beginning the Tuesday after the office opens. Phone orders are not taken during the show. Call the Ticket Office at Call (610) 688-2554.

Internet Tickets are available. (An additional fee will be charged.)

If I buy Reserved Grandstand Tickets, do I also need to purchase General Admission Tickets?

No, a separate General Admission ticket is no longer required with Reserved Grandstand Seating. With a Reserved Grandstand ticket, you may enter the show & fair grounds anytime that day, but you may only sit in your seat during the time stated on the ticket.

How do I get the best Reserved Grandstand tickets for the Grand Prix?

Anyone who purchases an All Performance Ticket Package will get first choice.

Your next best option is to purchase a FEI – Five Night World Ranking Competition Grand Prix Package.

Single tickets go on sale at the Ticket Office and through the Internet on Monday, April 3, 2017.  Phone orders will be accepted beginning Tuesday, April 3rd.

We no longer offer mail orders.

The schedule says that the Thursday 'Devon at Sunset' begins at 4:30 PM, but the actual Grand Prix class does not start until 8 PM. If I want to come at 4:30 PM, do I need to purchase an afternoon ticket as well as one for the evening?

You may enter the show & fair grounds any time all day with an evening ticket. The evening ticket for the Grand Prix allows you to sit in your seat beginning at 7:15 PM.

I waited too long, and Reserved Grandstand tickets for Thursday Evening's Grand Prix have sold out. What other performances do you recommend?

There are exciting jumping classes every night at Devon, but the same riders who compete in the Grand Prix usually also ride in the Open Jumper classes on Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday evenings.

What are some of the other favorite classes at Devon?

The Sunday of Memorial Day Weekend features the Antique Carriage Pleasure Drive, a long-standing tradition at Devon. The carriages arrive at Devon between 10 and 11 AM, and judging begins at about noon. The carriages parade through the local neighborhoods and back to the show grounds where they are pinned in the Dixon Oval beginning at about 2 PM.

Wednesday Afternoon is Ladies’ Day and features the elegant Ladies Hunter Side Saddle Classes. The Ladies Side Saddle division continues into Wednesday evening with the Under Saddle Class and the awarding of the Ladies Side Saddle Championship.

The second Thursday morning features the USHJA Hunter Derby. This class consists of two rounds with the first round being a classic hunter round and the second round being a handy hunter round. Fences are set at 3’6″ to 3’9″ with four 4′ option fences. Obstacles simulate those reminiscent of the hunt field.

What days and performances are best for families with small children?

Every day is a good day for families at Devon! The rings remain busy, and the Fair & Midway provide a constant source of favorite foods and entertainment.

Family Days are held on Thursday, May 25, Tuesday, May 30th, and Sunday, June 4th. Devon offers special deals all day on food, rides and souvenirs at the Country Fair & Midway.

Favorite classes on Saturday 5/27 include the two Lead Line classes (featuring children under 6) and the costumed Pony Hunt Teams held at the end of the afternoon in the Gold Ring.

Also on Saturday 5/27, a jumping class featuring the best junior riders in the country takes the stage in the Dixon Oval, and the evening concludes with a Hunt Teams class, the Parent & Child class, and the Family class.

Ongoing Guided Back Barn Tours are available on Tuesday, May 30th from 3-6 PM. Registration is not required, and there is no additional charge.

Due to the large crowds, we do not recommend the evening Grand Prix as the best time to bring small children.

I plan to buy Reserved Grandstand seating. Do I have to purchase a ticket for my child if he or she will sit on my lap?

No, your child may sit on your lap in the Reserved Grandstands at no additional cost.

Do you offer any special discounts through the Advanced Sale Office?

  • For groups of 10 or more, the Advanced Sale Ticket Office offers a $2 discount off the price of a regular reserved grandstand ticket for all performances except the Grand Prix on Thursday Evening, June 1.
  • In addition, Seniors 65 & over, Children 18 & under, and Active Military Personnel also receive a discount of $2 per ticket for Regular Grandstand Seating. Packages and Thursday evening of the Grand Prix are excluded from this offer.
  • Multiple discounts are not allowed. Offer limited to Reserved Grandstand tickets purchased through the Advanced Sale Office in the New Ticket Office located  at the corner of Dorset and Berkley Roads.
    Call (610) 688-2554

Do you offer special seating for the disabled?

With General Admission, we offer a platform at the rail of the Dixon Oval between the East 1 and East 2 Grandstands for wheelchair-bound spectators and their attendants. There is ramp access at that point.

For Reserved Grandstand ticket holders, our ramped East 2 Grandstand provides a first row of seats with backs. Spectators must be able to transfer to the seat.

Wheelchair and companion seating is also available in the East 2 Grandstand. Please call the Ticket Office at 610-688-2554 for more information.

What are the exhibitions? Will the Budweiser Clydesdales be at Devon this year?

Exhibitions will be posted as soon as they are scheduled at this link: http://www.devonhorseshow.net/exhibitors/exhibitions/