Border Collie Herding

Friday Evening, May 24, 2019

Gene Sheninger began training and trialing Border Collies in 1986 with a seven year old male Border Collie name Nap. Today, Gene’s dogs are all at various stages in training and they are used daily to help him manage his flock of about 100 sheep. Gene and his dogs regularly compete in sheepdog trials throughout the east coast and Canada, and overseas. Two of his better known demonstrations were in the spring of 1992 when he assisted with the closing act for David Letterman’s 10th Anniversary Special where his dogs ushered six sheep into a New York City taxi, and in 2003 to escort sheep down Broadway into the Ed Sullivan Theater. Join us to watch Gene and his dogs Nick, Ket and Sweet as they demonstrate their herding skills with sheep and ducks in the Dixon Oval.

Brenda Carpenter Photography

Radnor Fox Hounds

Saturday Evening, May 25, 2019

Foxhunting is the traditional sport of mounted riders chasing wild quarry with a pack of hounds. Founded in 1883, Radnor Hunt is the oldest continuously active foxhunt in the United States. During this exhibition, members of the hunt will demonstrate some of the skills they use out in the hunt field. Navigating a horse through a pack of hounds, dealing with trappy terrain, and riding as a group are all skills you’ll see ably demonstrated.

Tentative Schedule: Saturday, May 25 at 8:50 pm

Photo by Alden Corrigan Media

WIHS Shetland Pony Steeplechase

Sunday Afternoon, May 26 and Memorial Day Afternoon, May 27, 2019

On Memorial Day Afternoon, cheer on your favorites as the Shetland Pony Steeplechase, presented by Charles Owen, comes to Devon! A popular tradition in Europe, young jockeys wearing bright silks will gallop their Shetland ponies over jumps. Don’t miss it!

Tentative Schedule: Sunday, May 26 and Monday, May 27, 2019

Airmutts, K9’s in Flight

Friday Night, May 31, 2019 and Saturday Night, June 1, 2019

One of the country’s premier sports entertainment groups will make an appearance on the final two nights of the Devon Horse Show and Country Fair. K9’s in Flight will entertain in the Dixon Oval, between classes, on Friday night, May 31 and Saturday night, June 1. K9’s in Flight, “homeless to high flying”, have appeared on ESPN, the Disney Channel and Animal Planet, along with half time shows at NBA and NFL games. All dogs in the show have been rescued or adopted from streets and shelters around the country. Check out their website: www.airmutts.com.