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Information for Exhibitors

Saddlebred & Hackney Schooling Schedule

Sessions may end earlier at management’s discretion without prior notice.

Tuesday, 5/30/2023     2:00 p.m. to 4:30 p.m.
Wednesday, 5/31/2023     2:00 p.m. to 4:30 p.m.
Thursday, 6/1/2023    7:00 a.m. to 9:00 a.m.
Friday, 6/2/2023    4:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m.
Every evening, the Dixon Oval will be open for exercising after the last class. Please remember the maintenance crews will be cleaning the Dixon Oval stands and perimeter first, immediately following the last class each evening.

Devon Horse Show Prize List

The 2023 Devon Prize List is now available!

2023 Prize List


The electronic entry service for the Devon Horse Show is now available!
through our partner, Show Management System.




Contact Entries for assistance:
(610) 964-2723 (leave a voice message)

Bio Security Form


USEF supports continuing competitions in VS-affected states and competitions which include horses from VS-affected states provided the biosecurity measures listed below are immediately implemented or no later than June 1, 2023: USEF will continue to monitor the situation and will provide updates on the competition management safety and biosecurity webpage.

Critical Control Measures – Reporting of Vesicular Lesions
• All competitions to institute immediate mandatory reporting of horses with vesicular lesions to competition management.
• All competitions to require immediate isolation of equid with vesicular lesions of temperatures over 101.5°F.
• All competitions to immediately report any equid with vesicular lesion to State Veterinarian’s office in the state which the event is held AND to the USEF Equine Health and Biosecurity Veterinarian Dr. Katie Flynn (kflynn@usef.org or 859-225-6991).
• Contact list for state veterinarian office

Animal Entry Requirements for Horses from VS-Affected States
• Consult State Veterinarian’s office in the state of the competition grounds for states specific entry requirements for equids from VS-affected states.
• Timed Certificates of Veterinary Inspection (CVIs):
• A health certificate (CVI) issued within 2-5 days of departure for the event.
• VS Statement on CVI: The health certificate (CVI) should contain the following statement: “I have examined the animal(s) represented on this certificate of veterinary inspection and have found no clinical signs of vesicular stomatitis and they have not originated from a premises under quarantine for vesicular stomatitis.”
• If horses are in transit the week of May 22,2023, a health declaration signed at the time of entry will be accepted in lieu of a health certificate.
• Required Onsite Veterinary Examinations of All Horses from VS-Affected States
• A qualified, licensed, and accredited veterinarian or their designated trained technician shall examine prior to entry in the event stabling area, any horse originated from a VS-affected state.
• No equid from a VS-affected state is permitted entry to the stabling area without veterinary examination.
• If veterinarian or the designated technician is not onsite at time of entry, the equids shall be stabled in isolation stabling or prohibited entry.
• Examination shall include examination of each individual equid with gloves that are disposed of after each examination.
• If any equids are suspected of having VS, the animals shall not be permitted to enter the event and must be reported to the State Veterinarian’s office and the USEF Equine Health and Biosecurity Veterinarian (kflynn@usef.org or 859-225-6991).
• The entire load of horses shall be prohibited entry if one horse has lesions.
• Monitoring the Horses from VS Affected States During the Event
• Stall Temperature logs required with twice daily temperature taking and recording. Any temperature over 101.5°F shall be reported to competition management.
• Exhibitors required to observe horse for clinical signs of vesicular lesions and report any signs to veterinarian or competition management.
• Any horse with fever or lesions must be immediately reported to the State Veterinarian’s office and the USEF Equine Health and Biosecurity Veterinarian (kflynn@usef.org or 859-225-6991)
• Equids from a VS-affected state should be stabled in designated stabling area separate from horses from non-affected states.
• Individual designated by competition management to directly observe horses originating from VS-affected states for oral lesions at least once per day for their duration on the event grounds.
• Onsite Biosecurity Management Measures
• Eliminate whenever possible common water sources during the event.
• Strongly discourage use of shared equipment and tack between participants.
• Strongly encourage exhibitors to minimize exposure to fly vectors through use of fly wipes, sprays, foggers, and other repellents for use on animals, applied as directed by label instructions.
• Vector control of the premises to include but not limited to proper manure management, elimination of fly breeding areas, and appropriate insecticide use for premises.

Competition Managers for events in VS-affected states shall perform a risk assessment to determine the viability of holding the competition. Assessment shall include the proximity of confirmed and suspect VS cases to the event grounds, the amount of standing water on event grounds, the ability to control and limit fly population, and the ability to frequently remove manure from the venue.

2023 Bio Security Form

  • The State of Pennsylvania requires that all horses must be in possession of a current negative Coggins certificate (EIA) dated within the 1 year of start of show. The Devon Horse Show and Country Fair will not accept or process any animal whose negative Coggins certificate, or copy of thereof does not accompany the horse. The show may retain a copy for its records. US Equestrian Equine Vaccination Rule GR844 requires vaccination within 6 months prior to start of show. Please fill out a MANDATORY Biosecurity Form on page 28 before arrival at the show.
  • Stalls are all permanent stabling. Stalls are approximately 9’6” X 9’6” and 10’ X 10’ with doors.
  • Due to limited stabling facilities, the Committee may find it necessary to decline assigning stalls to animals entered in only one performance class, or where the entry is being shown in hand or breeding classes only. No stall can be allotted for a horse not entered in the show. No stalls can be allotted to Leadline, Parent & Child, Family Class or Hunt Team horses.
  • Side Saddle, Hunter Breeding and Pleasure Drive will be allotted OVERNIGHT stalls only. Local Hunters will not be allotted overnight stalls (see Local Weekend stabling information below).
  • Due to limited parking, all exhibitors planning on shipping in and out daily should be prepared to park a considerable distance from the grounds. We encourage these exhibitors to order overnight stalls.


Tentative Time Schedule

FEI Approved Schedule

Stabling Information

Feed & Bedding

Van Parking Directions

Van Parking for 2023 Devon Horse Show

Penn State/Great Valley campus
30 East Swedesford Road
Malvern, PA 19355

Directions from Devon:
West on Rt. 30 (Lancaster Ave.), turn right on Rt. 29, after crossing the Rt. 202 bridge, turn right on Swedesford Rd., lot located on right a quarter mile from Rt. 29/Swedesford Rd. traffic light. Lot is next to Homewood Suites/Malvern.

Driving time- 15 to 20 minutes (dependent on traffic). There will be directional signs to assist.

Carriage Pleasure Drive Information

Sunday, May 28th, 2023

Preliminary Judging will take place at St. David’s Church beginning at Noon. It will commence with the Horse divisions in order, followed by the Pony, Light Commercial and Farmers’ divisions in order. Return to the Devon Showgrounds for presentation of awards will take place at approximately 1:00 PM.

Click here for more Carriage Pleasure Drive Information.

The following numbers are entered in the Carriage Pleasure Drive:

Horse Division

#501 Single Harness – Two Wheeled Vehicles

#502 Single Harness – Four Wheeled Vehicles

#503 Double Harness – Pairs/Tandems

#504 Unicorn and Four in Hands

Pony Division

#505 Single Harness – Two Wheeled Vehicles

#506 Single Harness – Four Wheeled Vehicles

#507 Double Harness – Pairs/Tandems

#509 Light Commercial and Farmer’s Division to compete as one group (Exhibition) and
is open to horses and ponies. Not eligible for Championship Drive-off.

#510 Final Championship Drive-off

Initial and final judging will be conducted in the Dixon Oval at the showgrounds.

Download the official map for the Carriage Pleasure Drive below!

Looking forward to a wonderful day driving at Devon!

2023 Official Map

How to do Leadline at Devon

So you want to enter the Leadline class at Devon?

Here are a few tips and the inside scoop on how to enter this very special event on this very special day!

The Devon Horse Show Leadline Classes are an event unto themselves!

Some years, nearly 50 tiny riders ages 3 and younger, and another 50 riders in the 4 to 5 year old section come with faces scrubbed, britches pulled up tip-top, and gloves on – ready for an appearance in the Dixon Oval! All in hopes of getting that grand lollipop at the end of the class! ….oh yes, and maybe to put heels down and sit tall enough for a ribbon, too!

We know that the Leadline classes at Devon are often the start of a young rider’s show career, and so perhaps families need a bit of insight, and some “HOW TO” help. Follow along here for instructions. If you still need help, you are welcome to call our Horse Show Office telephone at: (610) 964-2723, or you may email questions to: entries@devonhorseshow.com.

OK, so here we go….

First, go to our online entries system, ShowManagementSystem.com and bring up the Leadline Entry Blank.

Complete the first section of the entry blank (from above) regarding the description of the pony or horse.
Note: the horse or pony used in Leadline does NOT need a USEF/USHJA membership number

Circle the class which you should enter, based on the child’s age.
Note: a rider’s age in horse showing is “as of December 1, 2022”

Complete each of the boxes for the owner of the pony, the rider and the trainer.
Note: no one needs to be a member of the USEF/USHJA to show in Leadline, but all are subject to the rules of the competition
Note: a parent or guardian signature is required for the rider (they are a long way from 18 years old!)
Note: a parent may sign as trainer, and is representing that all involved are compliant with the rules of the show
Note: you do not need to complete the box for the Alternate Payee

Complete the box on the bottom right such that it looks like the sample below.
note: Leadline classes and riders are exempt from several competition requirements and fees

Do try to get the entry in by Friday, May 26, 2023. Get the entry done, then you can start on the amazing road to actually preparing for the big day! See you Saturday, May 27th for the 1:00 pm sounding of the horn!

Judges & Officials

Hunters, Hunter Seat Equitation,
International Derby

  • Mr. Ralph Caristo; Saugerties, NY
  • Mr. Chris Wynne; Virginia Beach, VA

Hunter Breeding

  • Mr. Oliver Brown; Reva, VA
  • Ms. Kathy Newman; Middleburg, VA

Pony Hunters/Breeding, Hunt Seat Equitation, A/O Hunters, Local Hunters

  • Mr. Scott Fitton; Raleigh, NC
  • Ms. Andrea Wells; Ocala, FL


  • Mr. Ralph Alfano, President, Ground Jury; Wellington, FL
  • Ms. Leslie Brown; Siesta Key, FL
  • Ms. Flora Baptista; Brazil
  • Perla Diniz Guedes, FEI Foreign Judge; Brazil
  • Davin Malmqvist; Littleton, CO
  • Oliver Kennedy; Brooksville, MD

Saddlebred, Roadster, Fine Harness, Hackney Horses & Ponies, Harness Ponies

  • Melissa Moore; Versailles, KY
  • Kent Moeller (Breeds Coordinator); Versailles, KY


  • Mr. Mario Broekhuis; Markelo, Netherlands

Carriage Pleasure Drive

  • Mr. Mario Broekhuis; Markelo, Netherlands

Course Designers

  • Mr. Alan Lohman (Hunters & Equitation); Poolesville, MD
  • Mr. Steve Stephens (Jumpers); Palmetto, FL
  • Captain Mark Phillips (Arena Eventing); London, England
  • Mr. Anderson Lima. (FEI); Brazil


  • Ms. Mary Choate; Heath Springs, SC
  • Mr. Bruce Burr; Weston, CT
  • Ms. Sherry Robertson; Edgemont, PA

Schooling Supervisors/FEI Stewards

  • Ms. Joni Maloney; New Hope, PA
  • Ms. Julie Karpan; Micanopy, FL
  • Mr. Peter Lane; Wellington, FL
  • Ms. Colleen Reed; Batavia, OH
  • Mr. Dan Reed; Batavia, OH
  • Ms. Donna Rocchetti; Falls, PA


  • Mr. Oliver Kennedy; Brookville, MD
  • Mr. Davin Malmqvist; Littleton, CO
  • Mr. Ken Marash; Harford Mills, NY


  • Ms. Sarah Jackson; Spring Hill, TN
  • Mr. Jeremy Raleigh; Mundelein, IL
  • Mr. Russell Stewart; Deansboro, NY


  • Mr. Alan Keeley; North Salem, NY
  • Kent Moeller; Versailles, KY
  • Jerome Parker; Northford, CT


  • Ms. Amy Paradise Braden; New Waterford, OH


  • Mr. Scott Mohney; Harrisburg, PA
  • Mr. Jacob Snyder; Bennington, VT


A list of veterinarians and their telephone numbers will be posted at the Show and Stable Offices.

FEI Veterinarian Delegate

  • Dr. Rick Mitchell; Wellington, FL


  • Stephens Equestrian Design; Palmetto, FL

Course Decorator

  • Ms. Flora Baptista; Brazil


  • Mr. Patrick Boyle, Manager; Hampshire, IL
  • Mr. Phil De Vita, Manager; Apopka, FL
  • Mr. Graham McCleary, Grounds Manager; Malvern, PA
  • Mr. Tom Blankenship, Stable Manager; Westfield, IN
  • Mr. Anthony Morano, Feed and Bedding Manager; Ellenton, FL
  • Mr. David Lauinger, Footing Specialist; Culpepper, VA
  • Ms. Cindy Bozan, Show Secretary; Lexington, KY
  • Mrs. Cheryle Francis, Assistant Show Secretary; Centreville, MD
  • Ms. Angela Pritchard, Assistant Show Secretary; Lexington, KY
  • Ms. Caroline Smith, Assistant Show Secretary; Welcome, NC
  • Mr. Ralph Stephens, Sound; Yorktown, VA
  • Mr. Jon Kassel, Computer Services; Barrington, IL

Official Photographers

Any other commercial photography, or advertisement thereof, taken of subjects within the confines of the show ring without prior written consent from show management is expressly forbidden. Any violation will result in being asked to leave the showgrounds, at management’s discretion.

Exhibitor Seating Options

Grandstand Bleacher Seating: With the exception of the Thursday Evening Sapphire Grand Prix, Section EF in the East 2 Grandstand and Section EG in the East 3 Grandstand are reserved for exhibitors free of charge.

Grandstand Seating Options: For the Thursday Evening Grand Prix, exhibitors may purchase a reserved Grandstand ticket. Tickets will go on sale Monday, April 1st.

Bench seating in front of the Main Grandstand: On Grand Prix Thursday, special wristbands will be available on a first-come basis free of charge at the Front Gate Ticket Office beginning at 8:00 a.m. to those holding exhibitor wristbands or proof of general admission.

Call (610)688-2554 or email tickets@devonhorseshow.com for further information or to make a reservation.

Exhibitors Lounge

Anyone displaying an exhibitors’ wristband is welcome! The lounge, located near the Back Gate, will offer hot and cold drinks, snacks, and small bites. Amenities of the lounge include not only A/C, but WiFi, a message center, charging stations and closed circuit TVs that will allow exhibitors to keep an eye on the ring while unwinding. The exhibitors’ lounge will be open 8am-6pm each day of the show.

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