Devon Arena Eventing

New in 2017!
$50,000 Devon Arena Eventing
Presented by Mid-Atlantic Packaging

Sunday, May 28, 2017  • 7:30pm  • Dixon Oval

Riders who are interested in competing in this class:

To enter:

  1. Log into your My USEF page (or your homepage for your national federation), which will bring you to Athlete Dashboard
  2. Click FEI ENTRY
  3. The FEI Entry process is very straightforward – you will select USA, Eventing, then Devon as your location.
  4. Once you have completed your entry via that process, it will be sent to USEF/your national federation to determine qualification.
  5. If your entry is determined qualified, it will then be accepted by Devon. You will receive notification if your entry is accepted.
  6. Accepted entries have until May 15 to confirm.

Riders may enter multiple horses if there are not 40 individual entries. We are able to receive entries for riders with multiple horses at this time. You may enter multiple horses using the process described above, and you will be notified if more than one horse is accepted.

Riders will be notified by show management, if accepted, by May 8.

Definite entries are due by May 15.

Substitutions can be made by May 28.

No stabling is available.  Trailer/van parking instructions will be available a week before the event.

Horse inspection will take place upon arrival during the afternoon of the event.

Appropriate acclimation time will take place after the course is set- course build will start approx. 4:45 pm on the day of the event.


Class Specifications
Course length 1000m
Speed to be calculated at 450m/min  
Fences 1.20m – brush up to 1.40m – spreads up to 1.60m
Prize Money awarded through 10th place
No Entry Fee – associated fees may apply


For more information, contact Elly VandeMerkt, Director of Events via email or by calling (610)964-0550 x204.