The Dog Show at The Horse Show

The Dog Show at The Horse Show

Thursday Evening, 7:00PM, May 23, 2019

Presented by What A Good Dog

Brenda Carpenter Photography

What A Good Dog Halo Awards

What a Good Dog, is honored to extend their appreciation to the community by presenting the 1st annual “What A Good Dog Halo Awards” to outstanding dogs that have served their owners and the community in exemplary ways. Awards will be presented to dogs that have exemplified superlative service in four classifications:

  1. Search and Rescue/Uniformed Service K9’s
  2. Service
  3. Therapy
  4. Exemplary Companion Dogs

Click here for information and nominations.


The Show will include a fun exhibition and 4 classes:

Walk-Trot with Me Class: (Juniors and Adults): Handler dog teams will be asked to move at different paces. The class will include circle lefts, circle rights, about turns, stop and sit, stop and down.

The Juniors Class is for handlers 11 and younger.

Jumpers Class: On leach, dogs will compete in an obstacle course that includes tunnels, cones with distractions such as balls, toys and treats, broad and high jumps. Handler can either go over or around the jump while the dog jumps. This will be a timed event with classes divided based on dog height which will determine jump height.

Handler must be 12 or older.

Tricks Class: The number of tricks entries is limited. Entrants will be chosen prior to the show based on a short, no longer than 1 minute video.

The Lead Line Class – Costume Parade: Dress your dog like your favorite part of Devon – a Pony, the Ferris wheel or a French Fry.

Handlers of all ages welcome – Ribbons for all entrants.

Fun for the whole family!

All dogs must be leashed at all times – classes will all be held on-leash.
Ring attendants and/or judges may excuse a dog for any reason including undue stress.
A crating area will be designated. Please bring your own crate.

For information and entry form

or call (610) 296-9243